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    Windows Support for Home users. Browser updates, OS updates, start up optimization, disk cleanup, and browser privacy checkup, all provided via remote support. Support requires the use of Anydesk, which needs a strong internet connection. Connectivity issues are not covered under this plan. Technical support resolutions may vary in the speed with which they are performed, but 2 hours per month is guaranteed. When this procedure is completed by the technician, corresponding is created with the results and is available on request. Some issues cannot be identified remotely, therefore for serious concerns please bring the laptop in.
    Sign up for your 3d printing membership! Be involved, and support your local sterolithographers! Membership entitles you to a 10% discount on all your 3d printing needs and a glimpse into the behind the scenes.
    Let's you view and select free or low-cost items. 3 Month at a time subscription.
    Don't want to pay any money but want to be a part of things? This is for you. Includes discount on basic cables online.
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