Recycling and Refurbishing

Recycling and Refurbishing









“It is empowering to take control of our electronic footprint.”


Waste is a choice

  • We believe in repairing items.
  • We believe in buying it once, buying it right.
  • We believe in refurbishing equipment.
  • We support recycling safely electronics.
  • We support thoughtful packaging
  • We keep trying to improve


Our recycling policy exists in a living document as part of our operating manual. You are welcome to request to read it. We will attempt to find creative, unique ways to use every little last piece.

How it works

Electronic Repair

Better Buying

We will advise you as to the best purchase for your needs. Don’t buy it twice, buy it once right.


Purchase Refurbished Items

The Digital Bridge program helps you purchase refurbished or working items to keep them out of the waste cycle as long as they will last.

Electronic Recycling

You can bring in your electronic waste for recycling locally. We work with the Electronic Recycling Association and local small businesses to be able to provide this service.


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We can help your TV screens!

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In the Kootenays, we are lucky to have skilled and innovative small businesses. Mel B Digital will divert LCD and TV screens (no tube tvs) to a repair facility where they can be refurbished and kept in the community.

Maybe, instead of recycling and re-buying your screen, it can be repaired and serve many more years and save you money.