it is known and published here that Mel B Digital

  • will not do e-transfers on your behalf, but will assist you in doing them yourself through the internet cafe.
  • will not assist you in the stalking/harassment/creeping of any individual, group, or organization.
  • will not accept any electronic recycling donations without proper documentation.
  • will not accept any electronics for repair without signed documentation
  • will not repair/accept for donation any weapon or hazardous device.
  • will not tolerate any threats, physical or verbal.
  • will not take responsibility for your passwords
  • will not accept consignment items
  • will use your preferred name and pronouns to refer to you


  • must report pedophilia material and other such illegal data, as it constitutes not only an illegal activity that harms others, but is unpleasant for the technicians to find.
  • must be informed of all relevant ownership data, and is not responsible for being given incorrect information.
  • Only subcontracts to trusted individuals- not farming out work to web based groups.
  • must be paid in a timely manner
  • items ordered must be paid and picked up within 30 days
  • Restocking fee of 10% of invoice or minimum $5

The long and often revised Privacy Policy