StaffNet Review


Note- I ended up talking with one of the representatives, asked some questions, and I kinda like the product. It’s nifty.


Things I like-

 In regards to my questions about security-

  • Jenna Zeng sent the following message at 6:52 PM

“How secure is data stored when it comes to job details? The contact details for push notifications? All the data is stored and secured on a server that’s monitored by our developers. We have them on retainer and they are our go-to for any monitoring or maintenance issues. We have various layers embedded for the protection of data to ensure the safety of all of our users. How accessible is it between platforms for employees in terms of hardware and software? Extremely accessbile via the App Store or Google Play Store depending the user’s device. The app is the same on either device. Within the portal usage on the browser is best. All browsers have been fine with the usage. Can someone with an iphone 4 use it? As long as they have access to the App Store they can definitely download and use that app just like anyone who has a more up to date phone.”

Diversity in Advertising

  • I respect a company who doesn’t use generic boring stock photos, who shows real people, who makes an effort to have diversity. Bonus ten points for the website and photos here.

A free option

  • I love the ability to test this product. For my super small business peoples, I feel confident since I’ve already answered my own security concerns that this can be implemented for a test run safely.