Love my KIN people so much, especially their tech support and how they troubleshoot.


Soooooo…. If you haven’t gone to their website yet for troubleshooting, let me link and save you the trouble here. Because honestly, I say the same stuff they do, really. Maybe not as diplomatically.


Connection Problems

The first thing to try if you are having connection problems is to reboot your radio or client device. To do this unplug the power cord, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in. This is also known as a “power cycle”. The power supply which sends power to the KiN radio is a black rectangular box with a single light, shaped like a brick but smaller, much like a laptop power cord.

Just unplug the power, nothing else. Restore power after 10 seconds or so, then wait 1 minute for the device to boot up after restoring power.

If your connection is not restored, next perform a power cycle on your wireless router if you have one. (same process)

– the order in which these devices are rebooted is important, sometimes rebooting both at the same time won’t work.

For fibre clients, a reboot is also sometimes required. (not very often) The client device is the white box with green lights mounted on your wall. If you are offline, you can unplug power from that device, wait 10 seconds or so and then plug it back in. It can take up to 2 full minutes to boot up. Usually, when the light beside @ is solid, you should have internet access.




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