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Looking for a VPN? Want privacy?
I was contacted by Atlas, and struck up a conversation, asked the hard questions.

Let me tell you why I’m impressed by this company. I asked them about how they will deal with breaches and privacy, highlighting what happened to NordVPN.

“The NordVPN incident reminded that not everyone is immortal. We believe that even if mistakes do happen, it is important to announce them, no matter the cost. On the more technical note, our server infrastructure is quite small compared to other VPN providers, thus it isn’t difficult to execute security checks within them at the current state of our service. Moving forward, we will be working on our own servers to have full control and responsibility over them.”

I also asked them about their cool new Email Breach capability.

“The email breach assistant scans breached accounts that are available on the web, meaning that any leaked data that is available to the public will be gathered and show up in the results. As far as I’m aware, the CRA breach information did not get dumped on the Internet, thus it was not available to the public and would not show up in our scanner feature.”

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