“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Mel B Digital is owned and operated by Mel Bryce in the beautiful small village of Kaslo, BC. It is currently in its tenth year of operation. Open Mon-Thurs 12-5 for walk ins.

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About Us

We’re not your average techs. In fact, we come from all backgrounds and bring unique skills and perspectives. What brings us together is our sense of honour towards our work, our sense of compassion for people, and our off-beat sense of humour.

As individuals we specialize, but together we work to offer as many general services and as broad a range of support as possible. We’re always learning and exploring, and ready to customize our services to fit our customer’s needs.

Our beliefs

  • We stand behind what we say
  • We admit when we were wrong
  • We realize we’re not omnipotent
  • We treat everyone with respect
“Everyone learns technology,  there is constant change. We’re here to share our knowledge and help, knowing that we’re on this journey together with our customers.”

Mel Bryce

Sole Proprietor


Office Services (click for more info)
Scanning ($1 minimum)
Laminating ($1 per page)
Photo Printing
Binding (self serve available)
Data transfer (so many options)
Support Contracts
3D Printing
Digital Bridge Program (re-use/recycle/repair)

Grow Your Business

Start with the best information to help you get your company on the road to success.

We have packages and monthly opportunities to save you money and time. Think SEO, think graphics, video, and app development.

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Reliable Direction

We’re a small business and we support small businesses and individuals and familes through honest real talk.  We are held accountable to the advice we give, and we won’t pretend we know everything, but we do know that we want to help you. Let’s start a conversation. Learn about what devices and software you need.

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In a crisis? Need remote access support or a friendly ear? Have a printer eating your paper or a keyboard that mistypes? See our procedure and form here…

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