Winter 2018-2019 Update

Happy nearly spring to everyone!

I hope that things are going well. As you know, since December I’ve had help in at the shop. This has changed some of the dynamics, but also affected some of the costs. I really believe in creating local employment, but having been turned down by a grant, it is a little difficult in this time of rising minimum wages.

I have been in the unfortunate position of working harder, for less. This leads to the situation that I don’t have time to give the service that I want to to my customers. So I’m going to enact some changes at the end of March.

End of March shop hour rates will be increased to $60/hour, with a minimum charge of $30.

Graphic work is at $60/hour.

Purchasing through me will have a mark-up of 25%, so that I can continue maintaining an open door and a shop with overhead.

Thank you for your support, I hope that the 2nd quarter will be good enough to allow me to continue operating in Kaslo.

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