Summer 2018 Update

Mel B Digital Update

Upgrades Ahead!

For 2018, there are several exciting announcements from Mel B Digital. The past year has been amazing, and with the support of the community, and the advice of many great community members, the path forward is bright.

Firstly, as of 2018, Mel B Digital will be registered for GST. The look of invoices will change as of January, but prices will remain the same,  and be inclusive of GST. During this transition,  the accounting system will be being upgraded, so please send in any updated contact information requests, should you wish to set up electronic payment or change contact information.

More great news, the office at 404 Front street has been completed. In easy reach there will be rentable laptops, printers, and scanners, in addition to the internet café.  Hard drives, mice, keyboards, and other emergency supplies will be kept on hand, so there is never a reason to panic.

Lastly, for everyone asking about the “café” part of “internet café”, I will not myself be selling or providing beverages or snacks. I have no wish to compete with all the amazing restaurants and coffee shops, and I support the idea that people would spend an afternoon in town and support many businesses rather than just one. Food and beverages can be consumed around the computers in the internet café.

Monthly Services

An offsite  backup program for individuals is now available, for Windows and Mac users. Having backups offsite keeps your data secure from fire, flood, and theft.  Also, should you ever need to recover your data due to a virus, you can simply restore from the backup, worry free.

Are you a business owner looking for security? Ask about a monthly contract to simplify your costs, and keep your business running smoothly and uninterrupted. This includes documentation on your systems and any programs in place, and electronic security evaluations regularly.

Pets and Technology

Just a reminder that well-behaved pets are welcome inside of the shop.  But ill-behaved pets or people should probably hang outside in foyer.


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