Mel B Digital

Staff Bios

Mel B

So, firstly, as I should get everyone to write their own bios, let me introduce myself.

I’m Mel B, of the Digital.

My hobbies include looking skeptical, computer games, and having great ideas. My areas of weakness are, in no real order

  • fashion sense
  • remembering where I put my keys
  • cleaning coffee mugs

That Andy Person

So I’m being bored waiting for his bio, so here’s a picture of his dog. The dog is really awesome, and hangs out at the shop. The dog’s hobbies include looking for mice, catching treats, and snoring.

Kris the Artist

I’m Kris Kohlruss of Mel B Digital. I am the administrative assistant and design coordinator. I am often found puttering around the office between the coffee machine and 3D printer. My hobbies include listening to music, drawing, and treating Chip like a king.