October Update

Happy Almost-Winter!

There is a lot to talk about. Hang on as I detail all the changes and updates I have made.

Procedure Changes

  • Graphics and text print jobs are now to be finalized as PDFs, proofed and signed off as pdfs before final run through.
  • New Computer Setup has a form, and checklist. It has also been updated to help with the transfer of emails that are POP or stored in non-pst files.
  • Paper storage has now been better sorted in a rack to prevent issues with mixed up paper.
  • There is now a procedure for updating GPS units. (yay?)
  • New details on invoices will show paper type charge (this is to update for the Hammermill 100lb, which comes in at 40 cents per page, for me or for you.
  • I’m detailing out how I support devices, and what that exactly means to you, as the customer.
  • I will now ask my family if they want me to work holidays, because apparently I’ve been ignoring them and working too much. This may mean I take some holiday days off like Easter, and Valentines.

New Capabilities

  • I am working with a couple skilled individuals who can offer iphone screen replacement and other apple repairs, whose skills are far more specialized than mine.
  • Slide scanning is available at the user’s time and effort by using a slide scanner at the office.
  • Super coloured paper available- Seriously, its great for yard sale posters, imagine getting it laminated and up for only $1.25.

Price Changes into the New Year

Not to get into politics for the reasons, but I will have to do a general price increase on most service and sale items in the new year.

  • I’m going to have to increase the minimum cost of hardware search and purchase, to account for the time of testing and sometimes chasing down the parts, and chasing down warranty.
  • There will be a cost difference between any service that involves opening up the computer, vs any service that does not include opening the computer. Hopefully this will keep computer check up prices low, as I will have already checked the hardware and documented it.
  • House calls will have to be an increased price due to wear and tear on vehicle.
  • Due to licensing costs for my ability to legally use remote access software, and my own inability to work with 3 computers at once, there will be a minimum charge for any remote access session of 1 hour. This will help allow me to just focus on one customer at one time, without feeling pressured to take on too much at once.

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