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Can you fix my iphone Home Button?

Verified now with even old iphone 4s, there is a setting in the systems to put a digital home button back on the phone. Because yes, I could open up your phone, but I’d rather not if there’s a chance. So try out this great trick. Open settings Got to General>Accessibility Scroll down to either […]

What’s my wifi password? (Windows)

Under your Network Settings where you can see this box, right click and hit status. So you’re looking the status, and click this button.  Click this tab. Check show characters box. Or, if you have a different OS like 8 or 10, use CMD and type in netsh wlan show profiles

What exactly happens when I drop off a computer and ask you to make it work better?

Ooh! I love this question! It’s not super frequently asked, if ever, but I’m going to answer it anyways. Firstly- If you’re dropping off a device, I get you to fill out a form. This helps me understand more about your usage of the device, and the device itself. I like to understand the following: […]

Which internet provider should I choose?

Whichever one you find works for your needs. Some valuable questions to consider while  you compare: Do you want to be able to upload your files to cloud storage fast? Do you want to be able to talk to a human for tech support really quickly? Do you want to have a local connection to […]

How do I get Microsoft Office?

Hey, great news. Microsoft Office can now be purchased from your computer from the Windows Store! Yay! Otherwise, retailers carry physical copies still in stores. But why not be ecologically friendly, and purchase through Microsoft itself, so that if you ever lose your piece of paper or disk, you haven’t lost everything. If you don’t […]

How do I Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is like a bundle of tools, all of which can be used in intricate ways. There are many versions, since the program has been around for years.  The best way to Microsoft Office is to check out Selkirk College locally for courses, because there is so much to learn. Microsoft Office used to […]

Which Email Program Should I use?

Whichever one lets you do the following: Backup emails Backup Contacts Easily use BCC as opposed to CC’ing Integrate with future technology purchases Seriously, I may have my opinions, and I do like Thunderbird, but the best solution is the one that works for you. But saying that, please back up your emails. However you […]

Why are you so cheap/expensive?

I try and set my prices as to what I think is reasonable based on current economic inflation, minimum wage, and the necessary importance of technology to most tasks.  There are times when I think technological cost can be prohibitive, and that’s not cool. There are times when I really want to afford to keep […]

Do you sell e-cigs?

Nope. I know a lot of computer places went there, but it’s not my thing. Plus, like,  dangerous chemicals and electronics near the face, that can be overclocked or modded? I’ve seen the errors computers and other devices can have, and how they can fail, and it’s like, nervous making. We don’t have backups of […]

What about my browsing history at the cafe?

Using a Firefox add-in, your cookies, history, any passwords, etc, are all cleaned the moment you close the browser. However, please remember there is a large window beside the internet cafe, do not browse anything you wouldn’t want someone walking past to see.