Fall 2018 Updates

Welcome to the colder months, where finally my office is at a temperature everyone can love.

I totally get that it was boiling this summer, and the lack of air conditioning made it kinda unpleasant for people.

Just some updates so that everyone knows what’s going on.

I have the following new capabilities:

  • Vinyl custom creation
  • Neon paper selection

And I have identified the following issues and mitigation factors.

  1. Equipment matching up to people. Tagging system in place to keep all cables/accessories for a given job connected together and to its relevant paperwork.
  2. Dust. A new type of cleaner is being utilized to keep the buildup of dust at a minimum without sacrificing air quality.
  3. Pricing. Photo pricing has been modified to better match the big box stores, at my expense. I still use the same quality ink, and paper, but am trying to to balance being competitive with survival.
  4. Service. Due to the growing need for custom business support and individual support, hours have changed to allow for more home visits and panic business fixes before Noon. It is my hope to use this change to allow a steady predictable in-office time, while still offering flexibility of service.

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